Business Opportunity for Health Coaches

Opportunity for Health Coaches and other Wellness Professionals to Create Residual Income


Selling products as a health coach or wellness professional is something that I believe in if you have the right products for your clients. Partnering with a good company that has quality products will benefit you and your clients. Residual income is important to any business. It allows you to generate income in addition to our practices.

There are numerous benefits that many of us have found by partnering with the right company and right products.

1. You make your services more valuable. It allows you to keep your coaching costs down because you are generating income through other services.

2. You can earn while on a vacation or sick without stressing about taking a vacation or being sick.

3. During down times it allievates stress.

4. Gives you a guarantee of earning without worry how many clients you “need” to reach your goals.

5. Allows you to do what you love because you love to do it, not because you have to.

6. Small investment, no stocking of products and extra bonus money upfront.

7. Allows you to spend more time with family and friends because you are creating time freedom, not trading time for money.

8. You do not have to “get in” early to make money because the compensation plan is designed for everyone to become successful. It promotes teamwork and a great community of positive and energetic people.

9. Results of the products are visible and emotional for so many.

10. Many well knowned wellness professionals market products. It’s not about pushing products, but about blessing and changing lives with them.

Many of us have used many different products and I’ve heard so many times this is the best of the best and turns out to be the worst of the worst. You have to love the products you’re recommending and be a product of the product yourself.  Your clients trust and like you and you must always stand in integrity. Selling products that work and is a lifestyle for many has greatly benefited me , my clients and so many others both physically and financially.

I specialize in weight loss and detoxing and the products have brought such value to my practice and life. Please contact me  if you are interested in learning more about creating residual income and the products.