What does Resistance Mean To You?

“If it mean’t nothing to us, there would be no resistance”

~”The War Of Art” By Steven Pressfield

Resistance- noun-The refusal to accept or comply with something, the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.

My definition of resistance is FEAR!  What I am fearful of… I resist.  I have definitely experienced a healthy dose of resistance in my lifetime. I resisted many opportunities because I was fearful of being a failure, or being rejected. I eased my anxiety, yes, but I was playing small.  All of us have experienced some resistance in our lifetime. Starting a new diet, trying meditation ,exercise, going back to school, ending an unhealthy relationship. While it may be totally normal, it’s our ego trying to protect us by keeping us from doing the very thing that will most likely make us grow, change and become a better version of ourselves. It’s a daily exercise to get out of our own way and create the life we want, whatever that may look like.  In this video, Steven Pressfield talks about the things we resist most in life.  He calls them Resistance’s greatest hits!  Thank you for reading my very first blog!  I have resisted doing one for a long time, but I finally got out of my own way!   Let me know what you think in the comments below!

To Your Health!



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