Sugar….Why it doesn’t do the body good!

Food containing sugarI am pretty sure you have heard it all before.  But, I believe that we still require a lesson or two on the subject.

We aren’t talking fruit; a healthy individual would have to eat ridiculous amounts to reach harmful levels of fructose overload. (diabetics are exempt here) Added, refined sugar is the problem! Refined sugar has essentially been processed so much, that the vitamins and minerals have been removed. You are left with a refined carb that the body cannot use.

Your liver stores glycogen(glucose). Eating a diet excess of sugar, can overload the storage space available in your liver. The excess converts to fatty acids and stored in the inactive parts of the body. Think thighs, bottom, stomach, and breasts…UGH!! Your liver can also keep some of that excess fatty acids which may lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Not to mention, high sugar intake can account for high triglycerides, lower HDL(good) cholesterol levels, all of which can increase the risk of your ticker becoming diseased.

Why oh why is it so yummy if it isn’t good for us?? Eating refined sugar releases the feel good chemical dopamine. The more you eat, the more you release and the more you want, because it just feels good!! What a vicious cycle. Because you want more, it’s like your brain is telling your body that you haven’t had enough, hence the sit down with a whole pint of your favorite ice cream. It’s hard to hide from it because it is in absolutely everything packaged! Sauces, soups, milk, cereals, granola bars, yogurt, even the protein bars we think are so healthy.

Here is my simple advice…… Read the labels on your packaged foods people!! Find healthy alternatives to refined sugar, one of my FAVS is coconut sugar. Eat whole foods, especially fiber rich fruit and veggies. Do not drink your oranges or apples. Eat a variety of color and flavors. Crowding out some of the unhealthy, with some healthy and deliciously sweet alternatives, can keep your sweet cravings at bay while protecting those body parts we covet so much.

To your health! xx Arleen

What does Resistance Mean To You?

“If it mean’t nothing to us, there would be no resistance”

~”The War Of Art” By Steven Pressfield

Resistance- noun-The refusal to accept or comply with something, the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.

My definition of resistance is FEAR!  What I am fearful of… I resist.  I have definitely experienced a healthy dose of resistance in my lifetime. I resisted many opportunities because I was fearful of being a failure, or being rejected. I eased my anxiety, yes, but I was playing small.  All of us have experienced some resistance in our lifetime. Starting a new diet, trying meditation ,exercise, going back to school, ending an unhealthy relationship. While it may be totally normal, it’s our ego trying to protect us by keeping us from doing the very thing that will most likely make us grow, change and become a better version of ourselves. It’s a daily exercise to get out of our own way and create the life we want, whatever that may look like.  In this video, Steven Pressfield talks about the things we resist most in life.  He calls them Resistance’s greatest hits!  Thank you for reading my very first blog!  I have resisted doing one for a long time, but I finally got out of my own way!   Let me know what you think in the comments below!

To Your Health!