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What Diet Haven’t I tried, and miserably failed?

I can remember from the tender age of 15, I wanted to go on a diet to attain the amazing bodies I constantly saw in magazines, tv and movies.  It was a gut wrenching experience!! I could never be what I wanted to be- a super- skinny chick.  She seemed as though she had it all!  Looks, clothes, status, boyfriends……That’s what I wanted!  What was wrong with me??? Why couldn’t I get that? I did lose weight, but I was always unhappy with the way I looked.  I was 95 lbs when I entered college. I Then gained the freshman 15, it was more like the freshman 20!  I used diet pills, starved myself and went back down to 100 lbs. It was a constant back and forth for years, gaining and losing 20-30lbs.  At the age of 30 I was 130 lbs. The heaviest I had ever been.  I got married, got pregnant and  gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy.  It was so difficult to get off but I found yet another diet and bam, back down to 115 lbs. See the roller coaster?? When my son was a year, I became pregnant with my daughter and this time, it wasn’t too bad. I got down to 120 all on my own but still I wasn’t happy.  After about 9 months, I got so really sick for about 6 years.  I was constantly tired, fatigued, gaining weight (at an alarming pace). It was the worst time in my life. I went from doctor to doctor to find a reason, a cure!! Nothing.  I was a size 12 and at 5’2″, I was not a healthy weight at all.  Just as a side note, I exercised religiously!  Even when I was fatigued!  I was referred to a doctor who practiced integrative medicine. She was my very last resort!!  I remember walking into her office and as she asked me questions, within 5 minutes, she diagnosed me! 5 FREAKIN’ MINUTES!!!! Basically, I had dieted my way out of all the good, necessary gut bacteria, and this left me with food intollerances, as well as thyroid issues- I was a digestive nightmare!! It took me a year and many supplements to get myself back to health.  It wasn’t until I stopped obsessing over dieting, that I made a true change.  I found a workout I adored.  That was no small feat!  I was finally back on track to a picture perfect skinny chick!  But, not so fast!!! My journey wasn’t over. I still had poor self esteem and had a warped sense of what I should look like. With the training I received, I was able to really get at the root cause of  health/weight issues…..even my own.  There is a whole other component to the weight loss battle that we are all fighting.   It’s a battle within ourselves. That little voice that keeps saying, you aren’t good enough. That’s what my voice tells me from time to time.  Your voice may be saying something different.  It’s not until we take charge of that voice; and take care of ourselves- mind, body and soul; we will never truly be where we need to be.  I have lived, and breathed this from the age of 15 to this very minute.  I am now 44.  That’s a freakin’ long time!  I know where you have been, where you are right now.  If I can make your life easier and healthier, that’s what I am here to do!

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